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Block Paving Sealing

More and more homeowners are making enquiries about having their block paving cleaned and sealed in Lancashire. Because block paving is very difficult to keep clean, the benefits of having it sealed are now becoming more widely known.

Weeds can grow very rapidly in the soft jointing sand between block pavers and continuous pressure cleaning is not advisable as it can undermine the sub-base of sand that the pavers are laid on. Over a period of time this can result in movement and a very unsightly looking driveway.

We will clean and seal block paving to prevent weeds and other forms of surface growth becoming established. Block paving sealing is usually done in a steps over a period of 2-3 days:-

1. Fungicidal wash and/or weedkiller is best sprayed onto the block paving approximately 5-6 days prior to any pressure washing. This will help to make the cleaning process more effective by making the removal of surface growth much easier.

2. Once the block paving is dry, new kiln dried sand is swept into the joints. The sand acts as a joint stabiliser for the blocks and prevents movement.

3. Smartseal block paving sealer is applied by roller or sprayed onto the surface of the block paving. The block paving sealer makes the jointing sand hard like cement. This help to restrict any weed growth between the joints. The block paving sealer also filters UV rays, helping to prevent loss of colour over time.

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Our block paving sealing service is available for homeowoners in most towns across Lancashire. Please call us on the numbers above for a FREE quotation. You can also send your enquiry by completing our online form.